Random Musings on Mistura

Like all bands, we do like having a nice crowd at our gigs and having people listening to and liking our music, especially original material. Most of all we expect to be paid for our services and our effort, if nothing not to fuck everyone else and build on the unfortunately common assumption that creating and performing music is some sort of a hobbyist charity free for all.

Other than that, as you might have guessed by now, we don’t really give a shit about popularity, fame, fake likes and even being played on the radio as some sort of favour to the Maltese language. We don’t give a shit about appearing to be rock’n’roll, hip or trying to change our music to fit into specific market segments that have bigger or better crowds. We don’t do music videos showing off expensive gear and will not go on Xarabank shouting some half-assed opinions and playing a song as a comic distraction. We just like music and have some social issues at heart which we would like to highlight whilst playing the sort of music we like to listen and rock to, hoping enough people will stop and listen.

In this context of not giving a shit, we’ve just decided that our first single from the new album is going to be one that takes one full minute for the first verse to start, doesn’t have a chorus, it has a minute and a half long solo/musical interlude in the middle and is a nice direct letter to heartless building contractors. It’s against all advice we’ve received so far. Good sense dictates that “you need to have a radio-friendly song to promote the album!” and “you need to get people to dance and have fun!”. But so what – this song is what we think is more relevant at the moment and not some happy go lucky fun song for idiots who will not like the rest of our songs anyway. And I think this song is one of those that makes us…. us, warts and all. And people who get this song will get us as a band.

So keep watching this space for more. Meanwhile have fun at the Isle of MTV or whatever your echo chamber is telling you it’s the in-thing at the moment xxx Antonio

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