What you need to know about our new album REGĦBUS

We’ve had a very hectic run-up to the album launch. We obviously had to finalise the album itself, practice and rehearse the music, promote both the album and the launch event and so on. However now that it has been released (and we’re slightly more relaxed), here are ten things you need to know if you’re interested in what we’re doing in relation to REGĦBUS.

During the album launch gig

(1) The album has been released as part of a launch event, which took place on 1st December 2018 at The Garage in Żebbuġ. We played the whole album live for the first time.

(2) The album is for sale. If you like our songs this is the only way to currently support us and we would truly appreciate it. Send us an email on info@misturamalta.com to agree on a delivery date/place and get a copy. For the time being it is being sold for €10.

(3) Yes the album is all in Maltese. All of Mistura’s songs are in Maltese even though a couple of song titles are in English. The album also has some explicit language – hence the warning label on the album cover.

(4) The themes of the album are explained thoroughly in the LovinMalta article called Here’s Why Malta Is An Absolute ‘Regħbus’. We collaborated with them on it to make sure we convey our message but no… we didn’t pay for it in case you’re wondering.

(5) We also did some newspaper interviews to explain what we’re up to, what we believe in and some of the album themes, how it was recorded and other tidbits. Here are three of the best ones:

(6) We also conducted some radio and television interviews, including the great Rockna programme with Michael Bugeja (you can listen to it HERE – it was a fun interview in which we made a lot of stupid jokes) and an interview on Local Angle with Christian Busuttil (click HERE to watch it). We thank them, along with others like Noel Mifsud and Ray Bajada, who also invited us, for their constant support.

(7) But what does the album sound like? Here are three videos: one is the first song we released called Tuna Isimkom. The second is an album sampler with short snippets of some of the songs. The third one was issued in January and is a lyric video for the song Mhux Xorta. Also the interview with Michael Bugeja contains  a couple of songs that were broadcast during the radio programme.

(8) We have also decided to issue all the lyrics of the album on this website. You can read them HERE.

(9) We intend to play this album live again but have not announced anything as yet. We suggest you ‘like’ our Facebook page HERE in order to start receiving updates and news about our future gigs.

(10) Last but not least, this album wouldn’t have been possible without the help and good advice we constantly get from many people we consider friends and family. You know who you are.

And one more thing… this album has neither been sponsored nor funded by anyone except the band itself. This means that the only support we can get is through the album sales and by getting paid for playing live. In this way we make sure not to have ties to organisations that might have their agendas imposed on us even indirectly or unintentionally. If you’d like a copy of the album please go to point number 2 for the details.