What you need to know about our new album REGĦBUS

We’ve had a very hectic run-up to the album launch. We obviously had to finalise the album itself, practice and rehearse the music, promote both the album and the launch event and so on. However now that it has been released (and we’re slightly more relaxed), here are ten things you need to know if you’re interested in what we’re doing in relation to REGĦBUS.

During the album launch gig

(1) The album has been released as part of a launch event, which took place on 1st December 2018 at The Garage in Żebbuġ. We played the whole album live for the first time.

(2) The album is for sale. If you like our songs this is the only way to currently support us and we would truly appreciate it. Send us an email on info@misturamalta.com to agree on a delivery date/place and get a copy. For the time being it is being sold for €10.

(3) Yes the album is all in Maltese. All of Mistura’s songs are in Maltese even though a couple of song titles are in English. The album also has some explicit language – hence the warning label on the album cover.

(4) The themes of the album are explained thoroughly in the LovinMalta article called Here’s Why Malta Is An Absolute ‘Regħbus’. We collaborated with them on it to make sure we convey our message but no… we didn’t pay for it in case you’re wondering.

(5) We also did some newspaper interviews to explain what we’re up to, what we believe in and some of the album themes, how it was recorded and other tidbits. Here are three of the best ones:

(6) We also conducted some radio and television interviews, including the great Rockna programme with Michael Bugeja (you can listen to it HERE – it was a fun interview in which we made a lot of stupid jokes) and an interview on Local Angle with Christian Busuttil (click HERE to watch it). We thank them, along with others like Noel Mifsud and Ray Bajada, who also invited us, for their constant support.

(7) But what does the album sound like? Here are two videos: one is the first song we released called Tuna Isimkom. The second is an album sampler with short snippets of some of the songs. Also the interview with Michael Bugeja contains  a couple of songs that were broadcast during the radio programme.

(8) We have also decided to issue all the lyrics of the album on this website. You can read them HERE.

(9) We intend to play this album live again but have not announced anything as yet. We suggest you ‘like’ our Facebook page HERE in order to start receiving updates and news about our future gigs.

(10) Last but not least, this album wouldn’t have been possible without the help and good advice we constantly get from many people we consider friends and family. You know who you are.

And one more thing… this album has neither been sponsored nor funded by anyone except the band itself. This means that the only support we can get is through the album sales and by getting paid for playing live. In this way we make sure not to have ties to organisations that might have their agendas imposed on us even indirectly or unintentionally. If you’d like a copy of the album please go to point number 2 for the details.


REGĦBUS – Album Sampler

Bi pjaċir qegħdin inħabbru dan il-filmat qasir li jinkludi biċċiet mill-album REGĦBUS, it-tieni studio album tal-grupp Mistura. Kemm tagħfas hawn:

‘Regħbus’ it-tieni album mill-Mistura

Il-qoxra tal-album ‘Regħbus’.

Il-grupp mużikali lokali Mistura ser ikun qiegħed iniedi t-tieni studio album, bl-isem ‘Regħbus’, fl-ewwel ta’ Diċembru 2018 f’The Garage Ħaż-Żebbuġ. L-album, li fih 12-il kanzunetta oriġinali ġodda kollha bil-Malti, ikompli b’kummentarju soċjali jaqta’ li issa sar sinonimu ma’ dan il-grupp. Dan jinkludi l-kanzunetta ‘Tuna Isimkom’, li ħarġet b’video mużikali aktar kmieni din is-sena. It-titlu tal-album huwa logħba bil-kliem, fejn il-kliem ‘regħba’ u ‘rebus’ ġew imħallta sabiex inħolqot kelma ġdida fil-vokabularju Malti li tirrifletti t-tema tal-album.

“Dawn il-kanzunetti jesprimu ħsibijiet u sentimenti li huma għal qalbna” jgħid Malcolm, kantant ta’ Mistura. “B’Kanzunetti ġodda bħal ‘Little Malta’, ‘Pjan Perfett’, ‘L-Intitolat’ u ‘Mhux Xorta’ qegħdin nippruvaw ukoll nifhmu x’qiegħed jiġri f’dan il-punt ta’ ħajjitna f’pajjiżna u fid-dinja. Kif ngħidu fil-kliem tal-kanzunetta ‘Little Malta’, ‘Meta tara mappa tal-gżejjer Maltin mal-ewwel tinduna li there’s something fishy.‘”

Mistura ddebuttaw fl-2012 fil-festival tal-Għanja tal-Poplu fejn ħadu l-premju WAFA għall-aqwa talent ġdid. Minn dak iż-żmien ’l hawn huma daqqew f’diversi postijiet, fosthom Rock the South, Teatru Unplugged, il-Farsons Great Beer Festival, l-Evenings on Campus, Notte Bianca u Kotra. S’issa Mistura ħarġu studio album fl-2014 bl-isem ‘U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur’ u album live ta’ kunċert fl-2016 bl-isem ‘U l-Kotra Għajtet f’Daqqa’.

Aktar informazzjoni tinstab misturamalta.com.

Facebook Events page for launch of album HERE.

‘Regħbus’ the second album by Mistura

Local rock band Mistura will be launching their second studio album, named ‘Regħbus’, on the first of December 2018 at The Garage in Ħaż-Żebbuġ. The album, which contains 12 original new songs in Maltese, perseveres with sharp social commentary that has become synonymous with this group. This includes the song ‘Tuna Isimkom’, which was released with a music video earlier this year. The title of the album is a play on words, mixing regħba (greed) and rebus (chaos) to create a new word in the Maltese vocabulary that reflects the theme of the album.

“These songs express thoughts or a feeling close to our heart” says Malcolm, Mistura singer. “With new songs such as ‘Little Malta’, ‘Pjan Perfett’, ‘L-Intitolat’ and ‘Mhux Xorta’ we’re also trying to understand what’s happening at this point in our lives in our country and in the world. As the lyrics of ‘Little Malta’ succinctly state, ‘when you see a map of the Maltese islands you instantly see that there’s something fishy.'”

Mistura debuted in 2012, at the L-Għanja tal-Poplu festival where they won the WAFA award for Best New Talent. Since then, they performed at a variety of venues including Rock the South, Teatru Unplugged, the Farsons Great Beer Festival, the Evenings on Campus, Notte Bianca and Kotra. They released a studio album in 2014 called ‘U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur’ and a live concert album in 2016 called ‘U l-Kotra Għajtet f’Daqqa’.

More information can be found at misturamalta.com.

Mistura b’vidjo mużikali ġdid

Il-grupp lokali Mistura għadu kif nieda l-ewwel vidjo mużikali, li huwa tal-kanzunetta ġdida “Tuna Isimkom” mill-album il-ġdid li mistenni joħroġ aktar tard din is-sena. Bl-istil progressive rock, Mistura huwa wieħed minn ftit gruppi lokali li jdoqqu din it-tip ta’ mużika bl-ilsien Malti, xi ħaġa li l-vidjo stess jenfasizza.

“Peress li ħafna mill-kummenti li nirċievu jkunu dwar il-kliem tal-kanzunetti ħsibna li noħolqu ‘lyric video’ b’enfażi fuq il-lirika tal-kanzunetta, li wara kollox jgħin sabiex jitwassal aħjar il-messaġġ soċjali tal-kanzunetta u tal-album il-ġdid”.

Mistura ddebuttaw fl-2012 fil-festival tal-Għanja tal-Poplu fejn ħadu l-premju WAFA għall-aqwa talent ġdid. Minn dak iż-żmien ’l hawn huma daqqew f’diversi postijiet, fosthom Rock the South, Teatru Unplugged, il-Farsons Great Beer Festival, l-Evenings on Campus, Notte Bianca u Kotra. S’issa Mistura ħarġu studio album fl-2014 bl-isem “U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur” u album live ta’ kunċert fl-2016 bl-isem “U l-Kotra Għajtet f’Daqqa”.

Sadattant Mistura jixtiequ jagħmlu punt importanti dwar il-vidjo mużikali l-ġdid, li bħala tema jkompli jibni fuq il-kliem tal-kanzunetta li wieħed jista’ jiddeskriviha bħala bla kantunieri.

“Jekk wieħed ser jistenna li fil-vidjo ser joqgħod jarana niżfnu ma’ xi tfajliet bil-bikini u nippużaw bil-kitarra u bix-xoffa ‘l fuq ser ikun deluż.”

Aktar dettalji dwar l-album u t-tnedija tiegħu jitħabbru fil-ġimgħat li ġejjin fuq http://www.misturamalta.com.

Mistura release new music video

Local band Mistura have just released their first music video for a brand new song called “Tuna Isimkom”. This will be included in the band’s new album due out later this year. Emphasizing on progressive rock, Mistura is one of few local bands embracing this genre of musical style in addition to singing exclusively in their native Maltese language.

“Since many of the comments received by our followers are related to the lyrical content of the songs, we wanted to create a lyric video to further accentuate the lyrics. This will, after all, help us to further deliver the social message behind the song and consequently, behind the new album”.

Mistura debuted in 2012, at the L-Għanja tal-Poplu festival where they won the WAFA award for Best New Talent. Since then, they performed at a variety of venues including Rock the South, Teatru Unplugged, the Farsons Great Beer Festival, the Evenings on Campus, Notte Bianca and Kotra. They released a studio album in 2014 called “U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur” and a live concert album in 2016 called “U l-Kotra Għajtet f’Daqqa”.

More details about the album and its upcoming launch will be announced within the coming weeks.

Random Musings on Mistura

Like all bands, we do like having a nice crowd at our gigs and having people listening to and liking our music, especially original material. Most of all we expect to be paid for our services and our effort, if nothing not to fuck everyone else and build on the unfortunately common assumption that creating and performing music is some sort of a hobbyist charity free for all.

Other than that, as you might have guessed by now, we don’t really give a shit about popularity, fame, fake likes and even being played on the radio as some sort of favour to the Maltese language. We don’t give a shit about appearing to be rock’n’roll, hip or trying to change our music to fit into specific market segments that have bigger or better crowds. We don’t do music videos showing off expensive gear and will not go on Xarabank shouting some half-assed opinions and playing a song as a comic distraction. We just like music and have some social issues at heart which we would like to highlight whilst playing the sort of music we like to listen and rock to, hoping enough people will stop and listen.

In this context of not giving a shit, we’ve just decided that our first single from the new album is going to be one that takes one full minute for the first verse to start, doesn’t have a chorus, it has a minute and a half long solo/musical interlude in the middle and is a nice direct letter to heartless building contractors. It’s against all advice we’ve received so far. Good sense dictates that “you need to have a radio-friendly song to promote the album!” and “you need to get people to dance and have fun!”. But so what – this song is what we think is more relevant at the moment and not some happy go lucky fun song for idiots who will not like the rest of our songs anyway. And I think this song is one of those that makes us…. us, warts and all. And people who get this song will get us as a band.

So keep watching this space for more. Meanwhile have fun at the Isle of MTV or whatever your echo chamber is telling you it’s the in-thing at the moment xxx Antonio


Kemm intukom aġġornament qasir dwar dak li għaddejjin minnu bħalissa bħala Mistura. L-album miexi ġmielu u sadattant kellna dawn it-tliet affarijiet itektku fil-borma:

1. Kunċert għal Jannar – inħabbru d-dettalji kif itina l-permess l-organizzatur imma sa tkun tal-ġenn għax ser indoqqu ma’ grupp dal-‘upstja’ kif kien jgħid il-Lito.

2. Intervista fuq Maltarti għax nieħdu pjaċir nidhru u hekk:

3. Antonio ddejjaq jistenna sakemm tlestew id-drums u l-bass tal-album u ħejja ftit mużika ġdida li jisimha “Id-dinja li naf jien”:

Dak kollox għalissa probabilment għal din is-sena. Jiġifieri l-festi t-tajba. Sadattant ippruvaw tirduppjawx is-size bil-festini kollha li ċerti li ser tattendu għalihom. Ċaw ċaw.

Mistura releases new live album – Mistura joħorġu lajv album

Mistura releases new live album

Mistura live album cover for bandcamp

The album cover

Local band Mistura has just released a new live album called “U l-Kotra Għajtet f’Daqqa – Mistura Lajv waqt Kotra 2016”. This album, which contains songs recorded during the “Kotra – Kunċert Kontra l-Kurrent” concert held last March, is a first for Mistura, which to date had released one studio album in 2014 called “U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur”.

“In the space of two years we changed from a duo into a fully-fledged rock band, and we therefore felt that until our second studio album is finalised we would issue a recording more representative of what we’re playing live at the moment”, said Malcolm Bonnici, who together with Antonio Olivari is a founding member of the group. The band now includes Matthew Agius on bass and Mark Andrew Azzopardi on drums.


Mistura waqt Kotra 2016

“Apart from six songs from the first album, which have since changed considerably, we decided to add another two. These are ‘Fil-Kju’ from the super Aħn’Aħna Jew M’Aħniex and another one as a teaser from the new album to give a hint of the direction we’ve taken since we adopted the new style.”

Mistura write and perform songs exclusively in Maltese, with music that has elements of blues, rock and folk. It debuted in 2012 at the L-Għanja tal-Poplu festival where they won the WAFA award for Best New Talent. Since then they have performed at a variety of venues including Rock the South, Teatru Unplugged, the Farsons Great Beer Festival, the Evenings on Campus, Notte Bianca and Kotra.

The band would like to thank Emerson Vella for the recording and Jeremy Grech, the organiser of Kotra, for the dedication they show towards the local live scene.

The following is the album on Bandcamp – click to listen:


You can also access it though the Bandcamp website here or through Youtube here.


Mistura joħorġu lajv album


Mistura waqt Kotra 2016

Il-grupp lokali Mistura għadhom kif ħarġu lajv album bl-isem “U l-Kotra Għajtet f’Daqqa – Mistura Lajv waqt Kotra 2016”. Dan l-album, li fih kanzunetti rrekordjati waqt “Kotra – Kunċert Kontra l-Kurrent” li seħħ Marzu li għadda, huwa l-ewwel wieħed ta’ din ix-xorta għal Mistura, li s’issa kienu ħarġu l-ewwel studio album tagħhom bl-isem “U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur” fl-2014.

“Fi spazju ta’ sentejn inbdilna minn duo fi grupp rock u allura ħassejna li sakemm noħorġu t-tieni studio album tagħna, li qed naħdmu fuqu bħalissa, ikun hemm recording aktar rapreżentattiva ta’ x’qegħdin indoqqu bħalissa lajv”, qal Malcolm Bonnici, li flimkien ma’ Antonio Olivari huwa l-membru li ħoloq il-grupp. Magħhom issa ingħaqdu Matthew Agius fuq il-bass u Mark Andrew Azzopardi fuq id-drums.


Mistura waqt Kotra 2016

“Apparti sitt kanzunetti mill-ewwel album tagħna, li kif wieħed jinnota l-ħoss issa nbidel sew, iddeċidejna li nżidu tnejn oħra. Dawn huma ‘Fil-Kju’ mill-mitiku Aħn’Aħna Jew M’Aħniex u waħda bħala introduzzjoni mill-album il-ġdid sabiex nagħtu ħjiel tad-direzzjoni li ħadna minn meta qbadna l-istil il-ġdid tagħna.”

Mistura huwa grupp li jdoqq kanzunetti esklussivament bil-Malti, b’mużika li għandha elementi ta’ blues u rock. Mistura ddebutta fl-2012 fil-festival tal-Għanja tal-Poplu fejn ħadu l-premju WAFA għall-aqwa talent ġdid. Minn dak iż-żmien ’l hawn huma daqqew f’diversi postijiet, fosthom Rock the South, Teatru Unplugged, il-Farsons Great Beer Festival, l-Evenings on Campus, Notte Bianca u Kotra.

Il-grupp jixtieq jirringrazzja lil Emerson Vella tal-irrekordjar u lil Jeremy Grech, il-moħħ wara Kotra, għad-dedikazzjoni li juru lejn ix-xena lokali lajv.

Reġa bdielna – ser noħorġu lajv album sħiħ minflok

IMG_1248Wara ħafna daqq tat-trombi minn fuq il-bjut u nejk ieħor iddeċidejna li nibdlu l-pjanijiet kollha. Ser niffrankawlkom li toqgħodu taraw lil wiċċna l-ikrah jixxengel u jitkerrah (u l-warrani jiżżegleg) fuq il-palk. Minflok tliet videos tagħna ndoqqu, issa ser noħorġu live album komplut (awdjo jiġifieri) b’tmien tracks mill-istess kunċert (Kotra – Kunċert Kontra l-Kurrent 2016). Iva, ħbieb, qrajtu sew. Il-ħaġa s-sabiħa hi li ser ikun online. Isbaħ minn hekk, ser ikun aċċessibli b’xejn. U l-isbaħ ħaġa hi li ser ikun magħna fil-jiem li ġejjin.

Għaldaqstant bi pjaċir inħabbru l-album “U l-Kotra Għajtet f’Daqqa” – Mistura Lajv waqt Kotra 2016, li fih recordings mill-festival Kotra li daqqejna fih f’Marzu 2016.  Ta’ min jgħid li l-kanzunetti ma ġewx imbabsa bi programmi bħal auto-tune u nejk ieħor – l-iskop ta’ dan l-album m’huwiex li nesponu l-perfezzjoni iżda li nagħtu stampa ċara u sħiħa tal-mużika li qed indoqqu bħalissa lajv bħala grupp elettriku. Hawn hija l-lista tal-kanzunetti li għażilna:

01 Kollox l-Istess
02 Sowxal Netwerk
03 Kliem Sabiħ Awto-Ċensurat
04 Fil-Kju
05 Tivvutax
06 L-Għanja tal-Għala Biebu
07 Issa Tard Wisq
08 Ifraħ Għax Iblah

Napprezzaw li ġaladarba noħorġuh tagħmlu share u li ttuna l-kummenti tagħkom. Hampers, arloġġi tal-lira u rigali oħra jiġu aċċettati wkoll u jingħataw lil xi organizzazzjonijiet fil-bżonn. Ħlief jekk ikun hemm xi flixkun Jameson fil-hamper għax Malcolm iħobbu wisq.

Aktar informazzjoni dalwaqt.

Ifraħ għax Iblah


Malcolm u Matthew waqt Kotra 2016.

Ħaġa li jistaqsuna dwarha kemm-il darba hi jekk għandniex recordings tal-grupp rock kif aħna bħalissa, jiġifieri ħafna aktar storbjużi u fuq tagħna mill-album U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur. L-album, għalkemm fih elementi rock, huwa iktar akustiku u kwiet – tat-tip li kważi kważi tieħu pjaċir iktar tisimgħu bil-headphones. Minn meta qlibna għall-kitarri elettriċi u ngħaqqdu magħna Mark fuq id-drums u Matthew fuq bass, iżda, għandna ħoss totalment differenti. U forsi dan il-ħoss il-ġdid huwa dak li kien intenzjonat fil-bidu meta ffurmajna Mistura. S’issa, pero’, kien għad ma kellniex iċ-ċans li nirrekordjaw xi ħaġa sew b’dan il-line-up peress li ntfajna iktar fuq il-live sabiex nidhraw lil xulxin sew qabel ma nipproduċu xi ħaġa ġdida flimkien. U din il-ħaġa nistgħu bla tlaqlieq ngħidu li swiet ta’ ġid għal diversi raġunijiet bħal ma wieħed jista’ probabilment jassumi.


Antonio u Mark waqt Kotra 2016.

Biss fl-aħħar wasalna biex nagħmluha: il-kunċert Kotra 2016 ġie rrekordjat bħala strumenti separati grazzi għal Emerson Vella u wara li smajnihom u ħloqna mixes aċċettabbli ddeċidejna li noħorġu tliet videos tagħna ndoqqu live waqt dan il-kunċert. Wara li ddiskutejna mhux ħażin, dawn ser ikunu Tivvutax mill-ewwel album; Fil-Kju li hija ta’ Vince Fabri minn Aħn’aħna jew M’Aħniex li kemm-il darba daqqejna diski oħra minnu bi pjaċir kemm għalina u anki għall-pubbliku li jinzertahom; u ser ninkludu  wkoll preview mit-tieni album li qed naħdmu fuqu bħalissa. Din ħdimna fuqha s-sena li għaddiet u daqqejniha live kemm-il darba, u nistgħu ngħidu li mal-ammont żgħir kemm hu żgħir ta’ nies li jsegwuna hija speċi ta’ favorita. Jisimha Ifraħ għax Iblah.

Insomma aktar informazzjoni – flimkien mal-videos – dalwaqt.

Kontra l-kurrent


Ara ħaqq ġabu ritratt tagħna fis-Sunday Times tallum! Kemm aħna popolari ħij – ara ħa niftħu account ta’ Ebay biex inbiegħu il-firem.

U hekk hu wasalna biex indoqqu l-ewwel gig tal-2016, li huwa t-tieni edizzjoni ta’ Kotra – kunċert kontra l-kurrent. L-ewwel edizzjoni konna ftaħniha aħna – grupp żgħir sa ċertu punt mistħi li sena ilu fl-umiltà tiegħu kien qiegħed jipprova jsib saqajh bħala grupp komplut, kemm bħala materjal li jindaqq u anki bħala kommunikazzjoni bejn il-membri individwali. Kien gig interessanti, kemm mużikalment bil-baned l-oħra li ħadna pjaċir naraw idoqqu wara li żarmajna l-affarijiet tagħna, u anki bl-istands l-oħra li kien hemm. Konna xtrajna t-shirts kemm minn ta’ Kelma Kelma u anki minn tal-Furban Malti, li tat-tnejn imbagħad ilbisnihom kemm-il darba meta daqqejna lajv fis-sajf. Nisperaw li nerġgħu narawhom hemm – b’designs ġodda – flimkien ma’ esponenti oħrajn li jipproduċu affarijiet li fihom jużaw il-Malti.

ostja mark

Popeye kellu l-ispinaċi u Mark l-ostji “croccanti”. Għax biex inħejju kunċert tal-ostja xi ħaġa ridna nivvintaw.

Biex nerġgħu lura għall-mużika tagħna, din is-sena nisperaw li ser inkunu ftit aktar kunfidenti, b’kanzunetti li jaħdmu ftit iktar minn oħrajn li m’għaddewx mit-test aħħari li jkunu parti mil-lista tal-kanzunetti finali. Magħna bħala gruppi hemm ħafna oħrajn rinomati u li ninżgħulhom il-kappell, u allura importanti li ma naqgħux għan-nejk. Apparti biċċiet mill-ewwel album tagħna u xi cover li tgħoġobna dejjem bil-Malti (Xemx u L-aħħar Bidwi mhux sa ndoqquhom don’t worry), ser indoqqu wkoll għall-ewwel darba xi kanzunetti mill-album il-ġdid li qed naħdmu fuqu bħalissa, inkluż waħda li għall-ewwel darba fil-katalgu tagħna ser ikun fiha xi kliem ħażin u hekk. Għax wara kollox ma tistax tkun Malti ta’ vera mingħajr ma żżerżaq waħda jew tnejn tajbin mqarr kultant. Imma nsomma – la rridu nikxfu l-karti kollha u lanqas, minn naħa l-oħra, nagħtu l-impressjoni li l-iskop tal-kanzunetti tagħna hu li noqgħodu nieħdu pjaċir nitkellmu ħażin. Ara li tiżvoga biex isservi ta’ Mistura u tħossok ftit aħjar, imbagħad…

Dak kollox għalissa. Narawkom il-Ġimgħa 25 ta’ Marzu r-Razzett l-Aħmar. Fit-8pm jibda kollox.